RAGING TIMES embodies ALBAPROJEKT’s independent artistic production which separates from company’s other commercial services to customers. Based in Bydgoszcz, Poland, it brings together Italian and Polish music artists and creatives.

The initiative fosters the widespread dissemination of culture, the international artistic exchange and support emerging artists. Through RAGING TIMES, I produce my original music projects and provide production and management assistance for artists to promote talent all across Europe.


The sun and the moon along the line of the horizon. The day and the night. A timeless dichotomy, yet not a conflict, between a brighter and a darker side. A never-ending chase between two halves that complement one another in a whole motion representing a restless stream of emotions. Emotions which breed creativity, like rage. A vehement desire, a passion, but also a furious, uncontrolled anger. A wild force, so powerful and inspiring, capable of creating beauty out of chaos. The horizon, the only frontier for those willing to sail through the storm towards it, eager to explore the unknown which lays beyond. Raging Time is an idea born from the will to breath and live by those emotions, bring them to the world, and let them flow through the music.