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About us

Inspirational Leadership

Albaprojekt brings together a multi-faceted array of advisors who possess broad international experience in both military and event management domains. We are a team of experts dedicated to professional excellence in adherence to values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, and discipline. We believe motivation and human interaction are critical to tackle future challenges and achieve exceptional outcomes.


Reliable Management

Our subject matter experts share a common background of military education and service.We have extensive careers in various national Armed Forces and have seen multiple overseas training operations and deployments to hostile environments worldwide. The end result is a team of professionally trained and experienced leaders with a sound acumen for organizational requirements and corporate compliancy who are dedicated to our clients’ mission. With a highly analytical mindset, we take a consensual approach to complex tasks,  break down communication barriers with key stakeholders, and maintain the agility to continually adapt to new and innovative business practices. We are comfortable with heavy workloads, proficient in stress and crisis management, and effectively transfer unique skills in dynamic situations.  Albaprojekt is a partner willing to go the extra mile to achieve our customer’s desired end state.



The more diverse the team is, the greater the pool of skills available. While sharing a common background, our consultants also bring a vast set of expertise developed through years of operating in a diverse, international, and multidisciplinary environment. Albaprojekt harnesses this rare diversity to optimize competencies and provide a number of services consistent with business continuity and change management principles in support of our customers’ vision.